Learn how to create your own family films with me!


I've been creating videos, both professionally and for my family, for nearly 10 years. 

I can’t begin to express how meaningful these little films are to my family, and I know they will only increase in value to me as my kids grow and change.

Because we obviously will never be able to “print” video footage or compile videos in a family album, we are left with hours and hours of footage of precious memories stored on our phones/computers/hard drives and no idea what to do with it all.

Making your own beautiful family films solves this problem completely! Yes, it takes a little bit of work but I’m here to help you totally hack the process, create films with so much meaning and heart you’ll barely be able to stand it, as well as teach you some of my best tips and tricks for recording your family’s memories with increased intention, beauty, and creativity.


In this online course, you will learn:

  • Everything you need to know to make beautiful, soulful films with simply the video footage you have already stored on your phone! 
  • My best techniques for capturing video footage with intentionality and creativity
  • My entire editing workflow from start to finish (with a step-by-step video tutorial of the whole process!)
  • Tips for getting yourself (and the whole family) in the frame
  • Over 40 of my favorite music tracks for films
  • FAQ's and more!


Course includes:

  • 30+ page PDF
  • Video tutorial demonstrating an actual edit of a film from start to finish

Family Films with Sam is structured as an instant downloadable PDF file with a private editing tutorial video (linked in the PDF). All content is yours to keep forever and can be completed totally at your own pace. 



This course was written with the intent of teaching how to capture video footage using a smart phone and editing with iMovie. There are also technical details included for DLSR users as well as alternative editing program suggestions for Windows/PC users. Keep in mind, all the same basic principles for shooting and editing apply regardless of what camera/editing software you use.

Similarly, for the purpose of this course, I teach about family videos specifically. However, the concepts behind shooting, editing workflow, and technicalities can be applied to any kind of video you're wanting to make (travel videos, personal projects, announcement videos, portrait films, etc.). Once you know the basics, the sky's the limit! 



"This was literally the best $50 I've ever spent. Sam goes step-by-step and shows you how to do everything, even if you're not tech savvy. I've even gone back and made a bunch of videos from footage of when my kids were babies!" - Abong @bongypoo

"Thank you. Thank you. A million times. Your video tutorial is the most brilliant thing I've ever purchased off the internet." -Jessica Purkey @thesasssmouth

"This course is probably the best investment I've made for my family in a long time." -Candace Mabey @cmabeylittle

"I just have to tell you that I started your vid course and am OBSESSED. I stayed up way too late doing my first movie and this might be lame but it is giving me new life in my mothering. It's like I can see it from the outside and it's so beautiful and purposeful. who knew?! So incredible. I just had to tell you now--what a GIFT. For me and my family. Thank you so so million times much." -Brooke Schultz @brookebschultz 

"I feel like every blogger or online influencer should take this course. With more and more brands looking for video, this is such a no-brainer place to spend $50 so you can set yourself apart. Sam's passion for video shines through and set my creativity on fire (which basically happens to me...never). She breaks down every part of making a killer little video and makes it so accessible. Brands want videos that showcase their products in a meaningful way and Sam shows you EXACTLY how to bring that heart to your videos. It's worth every penny and then some." -Janssen Bradshaw @everydayreading 

"I just ignored my kids for an hour and a half but it will all be worth it when I make them AMAZING films for them! This course is perfect! Sam has taken what seemed to be a very daunting project and made it seem super fun. Thank you!" -Hydee Davis @hydeedavisphotography

"This is GOLD." - Whitney Evans @immaevansgirl

"This is such an amazing course! I can't recommend it enough!" -Alexa Zurcher @alexazurcher

Family Films with Sam
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