Over the past three years of shooting I’ve figured out how to get images that my clients love, but I’ve always felt like I’ve been on the wrong side of a massive creative gap. Rarely have I sent images to clients that I’ve felt truly happy with. Until Film with Sam. When I got my first rolls of film back, I felt, for the first time, deeply proud and satisfied with my work. On the Film with Sam shoots I felt more comfortable and more creative than I’ve ever felt on a shoot. Then I handed the rolls off and walked away. The hardest part was waiting the five days for them to be developed.

No more looking at the back of my camera mid-shoot and getting a pit in my stomach because it’s not looking great. No more hours of culling through hundreds of images. No more editing and tweaking and stress. Just shoot and smile when incredible images hit your inbox a week later.

Film with Sam changed how I look at my future as an artist. Film with Sam helped me believe that I can create true, beautiful artworks that families will never want to replace with next year’s Christmas card. Total game changer.

This is what I’ve always wanted to feel about my work.
— Rosemary Card

"Film with Sam was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I am still on a high! I've worked with digital for the past 6 years and I have never been proud of my work. My clients seem to be happy with what I give them but I am always embarrassed giving them the final results because I know I can do better. Film has opened up a whole new world for me and I am finally producing pictures that I am proud of. I don't think any of us at the workshop believed our shots were going to turn out like Sam said they would. But then we we got our film back and ohhhh my goodness. I think we all freaked at how right Sam was. Film is a lot easier and forgiving then digital and the results make me want to throw away my digital camera. If you have had any thoughts about getting into film, TAKE THIS WORKSHOP. Sam explains it so well. It was awesome spending the day around her and feeding off her creativity. 

Do it. Sign up for this workshop. Right now. Go"

— Madison Waters


This is the one workshop you need to gain a beginner’s introduction to film photography... Is this offered really anywhere? Nope. Do you get everything you need from Sam? Yep. Sam focused on the basics and the heart. Plain and simple. Solid goodness, I tell you. I adore Sam and her passion for the medium. I felt honored to be her lackey for the day. This is one of the best resources for taking that first step. You know you wanna. Do it.
— Heather Nan

"When I signed up for Film with Sam I knew it would be amazing, but it exceeded my expectations.  It was such an emotional experience, I felt like I learned technical stuff but I also learned how to capture people's lives more authentically. Not only did she have an awesome book for us to take home with all the information, but she answered a million questions and took the time to help people one on one while we were practicing.

I left feeling confident in my ability to move forward shooting film not only in my personal life, but in a professional setting and feel confident I can deliver great photos to my clients. An added bonus was that Alpine Film Lab was there so that we could start a relationship with a great lab and know the process of how to get our film developed and delivered to clients.

Sam didn't leave anything out. If you want to learn film or be more intentional with how you shoot take this class! It was worth every penny."

— Kayla Conover

This workshop was kind of a game changer for me. I’d shot a little film on my own and even though my images didn’t always turn out, I really loved the way that it made me think and plan and WAIT for that right moment. So when this workshop came along, I was elated to get a spot!

Sam is an incredible teacher; she is encouraging, personal, and has a way of putting film into terms that make it feel SIMPLE, and honestly a whole lot easier than digital (I know, pick your jaw up off the floor). She supplied the most beautiful book, chock full of all the info you need to start shooting film and with some really great ideas to help you get out of your comfort zone and be more creative. There was just so much one on one help from Sam and from the Alpine Film Lab guys who were GREAT.

I came to the workshop with a list of questions burning in my heard, some that I’d had for probably a few years, and came away with so many clear cut answers, some serious inspiration, and just a real love for this photography community. I literally cannot wait to shoot more film. The medium is beautiful and the mindset that Sam talked about is one that I really want to implement into my work, not to mention my entire life.
— Melese Miller

I am 18 years old, and I was slightly nervous entering Sam’s workshop filled with photographers well-versed with clientele and business aspects. But, upon arriving and participating, I knew how foolish I was for even entertaining the thought. Sam is, quite simply, one of the most genuine individuals. Not to mention her unique approach to shooting families and anything in general. She teaches with patience and will not drop a topic until all understand. With film, I especially feel this is critical. She is extremely approachable, and I couldn’t help but think the whole time how comfortable I would be shooting only with Sam. She is aware, kind, capable, and credible. She wasn’t afraid to cue us in to her processes and her tricks for shooting kids and composing the most indelible images for families. I could not recommend this workshop enough, and Sam just rules. Plain and simple.
— Lexi Madsen


"Film with Sam was truly an incredible, indescribable experience! I have been to several other photography workshops, but Film with Sam is truly a unique experience. Yes, you learn all about shooting film and the nuances that go with that. But this workshop is about so much more than film-- I left feeling inspired, invigorated, and excited to grow my career in photography!

Samantha truly cares about each individual in her workshop-- she is a patient, kind, and amazing teacher! I felt safe asking as many questions as I wanted, and she really took the time to make sure everyone understood what we were doing and how to do it themselves. Watching Sam put all she was teaching us to work was an invaluable experience. If you are on the fence about whether or not this workshop is for you-- just DO IT! You won't be sorry! "

— Carrie Fox

I had such high expectations for Sam’s Film With Sam workshop. And I am not even kidding, every single one was met. Sam is a gracious, patient teacher who’s willing to share all her knowledge. The workbook she provided is not only an amazing resource for shooting film, but filled with gorgeous inspirational photos. My very first roll of film turned out amazing due to Sam’s great teaching and encouragement! One thing I didn’t expect, but was so pleasantly surprised by, was the real relationships made with other attendees. That is priceless.
— Samantha Pierson

all images on this page shot by FILM WITH SAM attendees (Heather Nan, Madison Waters, and Jalene Taylor) and scanned by Alpine Film Lab.