easter at the farm

my in-laws have a farm down in fairview, utah. it's a wonderful place where running barefoot, dirty fingernails, love, and strawberry waffles abound. we spent easter weekend there with some of chas' family and had the best time. there was an easter egg hunt, sugar cookie decorating, kite flying, and- get this- baby lambs borrowed from the neighbors for the kids to hold, feed, and love on. khaliel, my mother-in-law, talked about the grandkids' laughter, play, and experiences serving to make this ground a hallowed place. i think she's right. i'll never forget the feeling i had seeing my daughter have the time of her life every single second we were there. i shot a few rolls with my new mamiya 645 because a place this special deserves to have it's goodness and true soul captured on film.

these are my people.


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