a baby with no name

Since switching to film, I've been dying to have an opportunity to shoot a mama with her newborn. And then it just so happened that sweet Kelly gave birth to the most beautiful, yummy baby girl! The stars had aligned and I was able to spend an afternoon with this beautiful mother of five and her tiny, nameless daughter. Yup- at 10 days old, Kelly and her husband were still deliberating on what to name this new baby. And I kinda loved that. There's something so calm and quietly deliberate about being able to just wait until a name feels exactly right. And let me just say a little about Kelly. After talking to her for just a few minutes while I loaded my film, I secretly wanted to be her best friend for forever. She is such a kindred spirit. Kind, genuine, unassuming. There's a gracefulness and love about her that's hard to describe. And the level of calm she so elegantly exuded at 10 days postpartum all while juggling four older children as well??...unbelievable. I feel so grateful for being able to meet her, the kiddos, and smell that glorious newborn baby smell.

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