wild flower girls

With just a few weeks until baby girl #2 makes her big arrival into our family, I've been feeling a little apprehensive about adding another babe into the mix and still being able to successfully juggle everything in my life. But then I spent a golden evening with these three. Little London and Lucy were darling, emotional, and silly. And, most importantly, they loved their mama and each other. And that's when I caught a small glimpse of the possibilities for my own future with two little girly girls. The anxiety and fear was replaced with peace and excitement. Their lovely mama, Brecca, is an amazing mother. I loved getting to watch how she both played with them and took the little emotional meltdowns in stride. At one point, while consoling a sobbing London, she comforted her by lovingly assuring her that she could just get all her sad feelings out right then and there. Brecca won huge mama respect points from me with that one and, sure enough, the tears passed and the fun continued. (I always assure parents that meltdowns during photo sessions are totally fine!- and sometimes make for some great photos!)

From flower crowns and flowy dresses to swim suits, popsicles, and blowing bubbles, these wild flower girls are the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. I hope my own little family of girls will be just like them someday.


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