Jenna and love at the beach

Jenna is from the San Francisco Bay Area. I first met her at the Yan Fam Way workshop in Salt Lake City last spring. During introductions, when she described herself as a "go big or go home" type of personality, someone who does something 110% once she puts her mind to it, I knew we were made for each other. Jenna is an amazing photographer and, since April, she and I have been each other's secret film photography cheerleaders- at least that's how I like to imagine it! I was beyond excited when Jenna asked me to come out to California and photograph her family. And was I so thrilled that everything could come together to make it happen! The stars had aligned and with not a cloud in the sky, we enjoyed a dreeeeeamy evening at the beach with her family.

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Mamiya 645, Canon eos3, Fuji 400h, Kodak Tri-x