learning about love and happiness from the ahlstroms

I first had the pleasure of photographing the Ahlstrom family last year. I love that they asked me to be their photographer again. There's so much I can say about this team. They are the total definition of LOVE. Eden and Britain are exactly one year apart and the sweetest of friends. They skip around talking about all things girly and searching for acorns. Man, they loved finding those acorns. And boy do they know how to have FUN! When I was thinking about possible locations for their session, I just knew we had to come to this park because it has a little hidden amphitheater and a stage. I remembered from last year's session that the girls love dancing and are experts at "posing." And, just as I thought, the stage was a huge hit with them! Cuties to the max.

And then there's Russell and Shyla. I adore them. They are just flat out loving and kind to each other every single second. Sneaking little pecks in between photos and soft giggles. So wonderful to see and feel just a small portion of the quiet love they share. And the calm, patient way they are with their girls? It's just the cherry on top!

I walked away from my time spent with these four feeling better about life and wanting to be more like them. Thank you, Ahlstrom family.

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