our side of the mountain

There are some people who have been unnecessarily kind and supportive and encouraging of me and my work for a while now. Karen is one of those people. So when she asked me to come capture her family at their home, the pressure was on because I just so badly wanted to knock it out of the park for HER. As if giving her amazing images could, in some way, repay her for all the kindness she's so generously thrown my way. 

But that's just the funny thing- getting to spend a summer evening playing with her sweet and spirited girls, observe the stalwart and gentle love between a mom and a dad, and, of course, finally get to meet Karen herself in person...no matter what the images I shot ended up looking like, I knew that I was the one who got the very most out of our time together.

Lately I've been considering that's this is all actually not so much about the photographs as it is about the tangible human relationships and connections we have the opportunity to create with one another. Thank you, Karen, for being another reminder of that for me. 

(Mamiya 645 ProTL and Canon eos3 with Fuji 400h and Tri-x film)

Samantha Kelly2 Comments