I made a picture for you.

I know a lot of photographers look down on mini sessions and/or refuse to offer them. I get it. There are plenty of drawbacks to mini sessions and I used to have a love/hate relationship with them. But lately, I've gotta tell ya, it's becoming alllll nothin but LOVE for these fall mini sessions. 

I've got ONE ROLL of film- 36 exposures- to get it right. 36 shots to capture the unique dynamic of a family, to get the traditional "everyone look at the camera and smile" shot, to get the creative stuff, the candid images, the authentic connection, and the details. Of course, after a mini I ALWAYS feel like I wish I could shoot more but there's something so fun in the challenge and limitation of working within that one roll and it's done. 

The Miller family's mini session began with Melese handing me a drawing her daughter had done of me taking pictures of her family- before I had even met them. That's when I knew our 36 shots together were gonna be a real good time. 

(Canon eos3, Fuji 400h)

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