april foolery sessions with heather nan!

When my friend, Heather, and I decided to have a play date experimenting with film and flash, I honestly had no idea the resulting images would turn out THIS fun. As a mother and photographer who not only photographs her kids tons but also has other photographers photograph my kids...I seriously think these shots may be some of my MOST favorite images of my kids...ever. 

And now Heather and I want to make images like these of YOUR kids! 


April 1st from 9am-5pm at Charcoal Loft Studio in SLC

Children and/or mama and children portraits (heck- you could even bring pets!)

Shot by BOTH Heather and myself...yup! TWO photographers for the price of one! 

Your choice of two color backdrops 

25-30 high-resolution image files

100% film



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