stephanie takes her baby bump on an adventure

Stephanie and her husband, Nick, are some of our oldest friends. Not only is Steph an amazingly talented graphic designer and beauty of a human, she is always up for any and all of my crazy ideas. So when I asked her if she'd be willing to do some of her maternity photos in a lake, she was totally on board- even though she apparently has an irrational fear of open bodies of water- which I didn't find out until she was knee-deep in the lake! Like I said, she's a trooper. Steph totally rocked this shoot AND patiently put up with my blabbering excitement when we came across the sweetest little pair of ducks and most perfect apricot tree. I'm so, so excited to see these guys as parents this fall and was honored to be able to document the cutest baby bump ever. Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9005Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9006-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9004

Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-7Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-5

Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9009-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9010Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9008-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9010-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9011-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9011Samantha Kelly Photography-9015Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9012-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-9013Samantha Kelly Photography-9013-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9021

Mamiya 645, canon eos 3, fuji 400h, kodak tri-x