we are roz

Listen to how crazy this is: Carson is a videographer and Jostlyn is a film photographer. Sound like anyone else you know? (Ok, I'll tell you: me and Chas!) And here's another fun fact: Jostlyn was the person who sold her Mamiya 645 ProTL to me! I really love my camera and I have her to thank for it! So, when I was booking St. George sessions last weekend, it seemed ONLY natural for me to bring her old camera by her and Carson's new (amazing!) studio for a little hello, good to see you again, and photo session. But seriously, I'm so, so happy they had me do these photos because it gave me the chance to finally put a face to a name and who wouldn't want to shoot in this perfect studio setup?! I mean, let's get real. They also didn't mind Chas filming the whole session for a little photographer promo video he's making for me. (Perks of having a videographer husband.) But wait- it gets better! Chas and I had so much fun during our session with these two that we then forced them to come to dinner with us that night as well! Haha.

To be honest, shooting another photographer is always a little intimidating but shooting another film photographer- and the person who previously owned the camera you're shooting!?- I was kiiiinda nervous. But being with Carson and Jostlyn quickly felt like just hanging out with old friends. I just wish they lived closer (and dinner dates could happen more often)!

Be sure to check out their awesome work here. If I lived in St. George, I'd get in on the WE ARE ROZ party. Fast.


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Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2