the venice canals, a beach, and the thiot family

I got this text from Stacy Thiot last night: "I love that we text and are besties now. I actually had a dream about shooting film last night. Haha!"

So maybe, after shooting her family, Stacy and I ARE great buds and maybe I'm not so secretly trying to turn her to the dark side of shooting film. (Mwhahaha!)

I was beyond thrilled to meet these three after being friends on Instagram for a while now. And I'll never ever get over these California locations. Sunny, warm, and gorgeous in December. I'm sold! Now all that's left to do is find a way to get out to Cali more often or...just move there. Preferably the latter.

Thanks, cute Thiot family for trusting me to capture your magic and for letting me call you guys friends.

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